Outline the problems you face ...

    "First, outline the problems your company is facing due to a lack of
    document management and identify what features in a software package your company needs to address those problems. Then evaluate available software
    by analyzing the features it has to offer, not by the cost. Finally, start with a pilot project. Do not try to fix your document management problems overnight. Instead, define the implementation process by identifying obtainable milestones."

    Clayton Glatt
    OSS/BSS Application Engineer
    EPIK Communications

EPIK Communications, a three-year-old Florida-based company, is growing rapidly and has implemented AutoEDMS as part of its strategy to position itself to become a major provider of bandwidth to the wireless industry and others. They are laying tracks for a communication super highway that is the "next-generation" backbone designed to carry Florida well into the future - as fast as the speed of light.

We asked Clayton Glatt, OSS/BSS Application Engineer at EPIK, to share his insights with us into the technology service they provide their customers which enables them to transport gigabits of information within the blink of an eye, and to explain what role AutoEDMS is playing to achieve these goals.

Company Background
EPIK Communications operates as a carriers' carrier, providing wholesale services including bandwidth (private lines), wave services, Internet Protocol services, collocation, and dark fiber to long distance carriers, international carriers, wireless carriers, Internet service providers (ISPs) and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). EPIK provides an integrated portfolio of enlightened IP servicesSM including Dedicated Internet Access and Ethernet transport, and we're planning to launch Internet Protocol (IP) virtual private network (VPN) services later this year.

The first 1,500 miles of our 1,850-mile southeast regional network are lit with an OC-192 (10Gbps) backbone to Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, Ft. Myers and Daytona. EPIK is also building metro networks in many of those cities that cover approximately 400 route miles. EPIK is establishing a national fiber footprint through fiber swaps, which bring our total route miles to over 14,000.

How AutoEDMS is Being Used
EPIK is growing at a very rapid pace. This results in a demanding schedule within the engineering department, which can cause document control problems. AutoEDMS helps manage the flow of information, which is critical to the success of any organization. EPIK is currently in the process of rolling out phase two of our AutoEDMS implementation throughout the entire engineering group, which will result in a total of 35 user licenses.

Phase One consisted of a 10-user pilot project used exclusively within the drafting department at EPIK, as ACS had recommended a pilot project involving a small group of users. This made sense for two reasons -

  1. Starting with a small group allowed EPIK to implement the system without disrupting ongoing critical projects.
  2. It allowed EPIK to gradually integrate a new structured approach to document management and workflow processes.

It was important to get the EPIK team to understand the advantages of AutoEDMS, instead of forcing a change to happen overnight.

Before AutoEDMS
Prior to the implementation of AutoEDMS, EPIK's file management process had limitations that included:

  • No central location for file storage - files were scattered throughout our network.
  • No revision control - there were multiple versions of the same construction package being utilized.
  • No structured workflow - it was difficult to track the progress and location of any one project.
  • Limited security - unauthorized users had access to critical drawings.

AutoEDMS Provides Key Benefits
AutoEDMS has helped us meet some critical challenges: it allows for document location, revision control, a structured workflow, and more security for archived drawings. EPIK can now find projects within seconds by using keyword searches and can also be guaranteed that employees are working on the most current revision. We can also track the progress of specific projects during the design process.

AutoEDMS Enhances Return on Investment
AutoEDMS saves EPIK Communications many lost hours that were previously used searching for drawings. This allows our talented engineering team to focus on what they do best - engineer projects. AutoEDMS also ensures that the team is working with the most current document, minimizing the risk of having parallel work taking place.

EPIK spent three months evaluating document management software, and AutoEDMS was one of the best values. It is a reasonably priced product that provides the flexibility needed to adapt to EPIK's constantly changing environment. The real value has been in the quality of the people at ACS who support AutoEDMS. A live person has been available to answer questions and address implementation issues. EPIK is impressed with ACS' professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.


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