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    "Finding a software package to handle the EDMS requirements of your company is the easy part.  Identifying the requirements of EDMS for your business is the difficult part of the justification and implementation process.  After you have the requirements identified, find a package that will fit your needs without altering your requirements.  Then go to training."

    Dean Heffentrager
    CAD/Network Admin.
    Morgan Corporation

Morgan Corp., the largest truck van body manufacturer in North America, is using AutoEDMS to manage over 80,000 documents associated with their innovative truck body designs. Morgan Corporation is the leading manufacturer of truck van bodies and innovative transportation industry products. For over two decades, Morgan has set the standard for quality and design in the industry. Specialized options are engineered to conform to customer requirements and satisfy the needs of a diverse market.

We asked Dean Heffentrager, CAD/Network Admin. for Morgan, to describe how Morgan has been using AutoEDMS in relation to their "Thinking Outside the Box" company motto.

"Morgan has been using AutoEDMS since 1996. Back then, we started with Version 3, and back in 1999, in preparation for Y2K, we upgraded to Version 6. Presently, we're using AutoEDMS Version 6.5 to manage all AutoCAD drawing files, all SolidWorks files, scanned raster drawing files,
and Microsoft Office Suite generated files for the Design & Development, Systems, and Production Engineering departments at Morgan. Engineering standards, change notices, stock standards,
project reports, fastener indexes, test reports and all other documents generated and distributed
by the Engineering department are controlled by AutoEDMS. These files currently total around
80,000 documents.

Engineering managers and other departments can access AutoEDMS to review project drawing files
and reports without the expense of the native applications. The software is also being utilized within the Purchasing & Materials departments for immediate access to the current revision of part or assembly drawings for standard and custom orders.

In the summer of 2006, Morgan implemented a new AutoEDMS database. The Warranty department now uses it to keep track of all the files on a particular order that must be kept for warranty issues. In the past, warranty forms were sent out and put on microfilm. Now, we have opened-up a lot of floor space used by the microfilm system and other departments throughout the company can access over 400,000 warranty files from their desktops.

Twice as Fast
We have also implemented the Pervasive SQL database engine. This program has greatly increased
the speed of our AutoEDMS system. Tests have been conducted with Pervasive SQL. For example, when we ran a particular search that required a complete search of the entire 80,000 record Engineering database, AutoEDMS with Pervasive SQL returned the results twice as fast compared to AutoEDMS running without Pervasive SQL.

Internet Access
In 2008, we expanded AutoEDMS onto the shop floor at our headquarters. We also rolled out AutoEDMS to our regional facilities. This was accomplished by hosting it on a Citrix thin-client server.

Flexibility is Key
The flexibility of AutoEDMS guarantees that it is the right document management solution for any company serious about implementing a software package to enhance their business processes -
without changing their business processes to meet the limitations of most out-of-box document management solutions. The ACS programming language provides this flexibility. It is easy to learn
and extremely powerful in providing the custom solutions every successful EDMS implementation

Another key benefit that AutoEDMS provides is the people behind ACS Software, Inc. The experience ACS has with document management solutions consistently comes shining through.

Summing it All Up
I started as an end user of AutoEDMS in the Engineering department at Morgan. Currently I'm in IS,
and one of my responsibilities includes the administration work for AutoEDMS.

I attended the System Administrator Technical Training Seminar for AutoEDMS held by ACS, to learn more about the program. The concept of the program is very easy to pick up and it's easy to administer. When people ask how I like AutoEDMS, I always tell them that AutoEDMS is a "work horse."


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