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NAV CANADA Selects AutoEDMS to Provide Document Management from Coast-to-Coast

NAV CANADA is a non-share capital, private corporation that owns and operates Canada's civil air navigation service and coordinates the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in Canadian domestic airspace and international airspace assigned to Canadian control. They are currently implementing the AutoEDMS document management and workflow solution throughout their five Technical Data Centres (TDC - i.e., drafting offices) which are located in various regions across the country. These offices are linked together and to over 80 system user sites via the NAV CANADA Intranet, and to roughly another 45 system user sites via dial-up to serve 1000 Engineers and Technologists from coast-to-coast.

After a comprehensive evaluation, NAV CANADA selected AutoEDMS for the following reasons:

  • its ability to manage drawings stored at the decentralized TDC locations in existing, corporate-standard file structures and using native filenames (i.e., no pseudonym or filename encryption)
  • its configurable workflow processes
  • its intuitive but flexible/configurable user interface
  • it was the only product of several evaluated that could meet essentially 100% of our requirements with just a small amount of configuration/customization.
  • its cost effectiveness

AutoEDMS will manage and track changes to softcopy and hardcopy technical  drawings. Using both a client-server and web browser approach, it provides approximately 1000 engineers and technologists the ability to locate, view, download copies, redline, submit and track changes through an Engineering Change Order (ECO) workflow process, and print technical drawings on-line from their workstations.

In addition, for off-line work, there is standalone viewing and redlining capability available for laptop-based users.


NAV CANADA provides, maintains and enhances Canada's air navigation service dedicated to the safe movement of air traffic throughout the country and through oceanic airspace assigned to Canada under international agreements.

The company's infrastructure of seven Area Control Centres, one stand-alone terminal control unit, 78 Flight Service Stations, 42 Control Towers, 41 radar sites and roughly 1,400 ground-based navigational aids across the country is devoted etirely to the delivery of air navigation services to their customers.


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