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    "When we look at something new, for the first time, it appears complex.  When we look at it a second time, it appears less complex.  When we look at it a third time, it unfolds itself in front of our eyes and reveals its wonderful secrets and capabilities. 

    Take action. If one idea does not work, try another.  AutoEDMS is loaded with functionality and powerful tools to help you develop file management application solutions painlessly.  Take advantage of ACS Software's time-proven experience in the file management business synthesized into AutoEDMS.

    Evaluate your current situation and get rid of processes and procedures that are a burden or unnecessary and keep those that you know work. Simplify, consolidate, innovate."

    David Shorkey
    Dir. of Engineering
    The KIRLIN Company

The KIRLIN Company is a lighting fixtures manufacturer.  The company designs and manufactures high quality, high performance, efficient lighting systems, including  high intensity discharge, architectural compact fluorescent, incandescent, and infrared remote controlled lighting systems. 
In business since 1895, the KIRLIN Company is the oldest family owned and operated business in
the nation. 

We use AutoEDMS to:

  • Create and modify documents (files) in a controlled environment
  • Release documents and maintain a history of released notifications
  • Locate, view and print existing files quickly and easily without launching the native applications
  • Categorize, organize and clean-up existing files and data.
  • Perform pre-defined queries to locate files and information
  • Increase productivity, improve quality, minimize duplication of effort and reduce errors
  • Communicate, inform and share both documents and data in real time via a local area network
  • Minimize paperwork and reduce waste

Instead of drastically changing the way you do business in order to adapt to an "off-the-shelf" application, you can hold on to your proven processes and system and customize AutoEDMS to meet your specific needs.

AutoEDMS is a very powerful solution.  It can easily be customized with the built-in ACS Customization Language (ACL) to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

Currently, we have seven licenses of AutoEDMS in the Engineering department. In the future, we plan to add seats to the Manufacturing/Production area, Purchasing and Customer Service departments bringing the total number of AutoEDMS users up to about thirty.


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