Add some pad time . . .

    "If you are considering putting in a document management system --- pawn this task off on someone else!

    In all seriousness, be prepared for an intense experience. Make a realistic estimate of time and resource requirements, and add some "pad" to each for unexpected issues."

    Linda Cygan
    IS Manager
    Western Printing & Machinery

Western Printing & Machinery (WPM), Schiller Park, IL, a leading manufacturer of customized machinery and cutting dies for printing and converting operations, is a company well known for their innovative technology in the graphic arts industry.

At the moment, AutoEDMS is primarily used in our engineering department. This will change as
we introduce it to our other departments.  Originally, we purchased eight seats, but we are now the proud owner of sixteen.  As our company grows, AutoEDMS is able to grow with us. We are now managing AutoCAD drawings, Word documents and Excel spredsheets directly from the
AutoEDMS interface. 

Before AutoEDMS, we had a "homegrown" document management system designed and created in-house.  Unfortunately, we outgrew the system and were unable to properly maintain it. Since we had written the applications ourselves, it was obviously very customized to our particular environment and needs. This made the search for a new document management system seem akin to that of the search for the Holy Grail!

After many months of sorting through demos, brochures and "test" systems, we stumbled across ACS Software in sunny CA.  Their product, AutoEDMS, not only fit our environment, but also turned out to be highly (and easily) customizable -- the search was over. We purchased AutoEDMS through MasterGraphics, a VAR located in Wisconsin.  MasterGraphics was able to provide assistance and resources during our original install.

As an overall document management system, AutoEDMS is extremely customizable.  This can be an invaluable trait when trying to install any system into a unique environment (and every company is unique -- make no mistake about that!).

Another key benefit of AutoEDMS is the "setup-and-forget" mentality regarding maintenance. After the initial setup of AutoEDMS is complete, the system will generally run without a lot of support from a system administrator.

Most document management systems need to be constantly monitored, frequently tweaked and massaged.  The opposite is true of AutoEDMS -- it tends to run quietly on its stable Btrieve database platform and doesn't demand daily attention.  The best qualities of any piece of software are its usability and stability. AutoEDMS scores high marks in both these categories.

Another good bet is the AutoEDMS Quick Start package.  You will have the invaluable assistance of experienced personnel in your planning and implementation stage, and outstanding technical support once you are up and running. Finally, you can attend regional, in-depth AutoEDMS training sessions where you will learn to be much more than a document management system administrator."



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