Established in 1981, ACS Software, Inc. has specialized in advanced network-based systems and software. This experience with complex local area and wide area network issues and installations gives ACS the knowledge to produce more powerful products, backed by greater expertise and better customer support.

Company highlights include:

1986 First Drawing Management Systems for CAD/CAM
In 1986, ACS released the first network drawing management system for PC-based CAD/CAM -- 10CAD EDMS.

1990 ACS Ships AutoEDMS
By 1990, ACS document management software was used by thousands of customers worldwide. ACS then released an updated, graphical version called "AutoEDMS", which went on to win major industry awards and expanded its use into other departments.

1992 AutoEDMS Version 2.1 Ships
The release of AutoEDMS 2.1 (for DOS) raised the level of functionality and ease of administration once again. Many third party links were created to provide integration with major CAD and office applications. ACS' distribution network expanded into additional European and Pacific Rim countries.

1994 AutoEDMS for Windows Released
ACS expanded its product line with the release of AutoEDMS for Windows Version 3.0. This broadened the use of AutoEDMS into general document management markets. The product line was modularized and several new technologies were introduced, including AutoEDMS' exclusive "Embedded Linking & Control" integration with all Windows programs.

1995 AutoEDMS for Windows Version 3.1 Shipped
Version 3.1 of AutoEDMS for Windows was introduced and included viewing and printing support for over 150 file types. A number of flexible customization tools were included with Version 3.1 that allowed easy configuration of document checkin/checkout functions, revision control, audit trails, etc.

1996 AutoEDMS for Windows Version 4 Introduced
ACS introduced Version 4 of AutoEDMS for Windows. Version 4 was a major new release and extended AutoEDMS' support for CAD files, scanned images and general documents. Additional network support offered "on-the-fly" network attachments and drive mappings for WAN-based document access. ISO9000 and other industry-specific document control support was also enhanced.

1998 AutoEDMS Version 5
ACS rolled-out AutoEDMS Version 5, including a new graphical Workflow Designer and optional Redline/Compare tool. Version 5 included support for Office 97, AutoCAD Release 14 and more.

1999 AutoEDMS Version 6
ACS introduced the new 32-bit, C++ version of AutoEDMS for Windows 95, 98 and NT. Version 6 offered an enhanced user interface, expanded its document workflow and revision capabilities, added built-in viewing and printing support for the latest industry file formats and simplified system administration with powerful new tools.

2001 AutoEDMS Version 6.5
ACS released AutoEDMS Version 6.5, a significant enhancement over Version 6. Version 6.5 has been enhanced to take advantage of the latest Windows operating systems. The user interface has a brand new look & feel, and the core programs include many new features, new functions and overall improvements.

2004 AutoEDMS Version 6.5 SR2
ACS rolled-out AutoEDMS Version 6.5 SR2, a significant upgrade and service release. SR2 includes a long list of improvements, including new viewing technology that supports the latest versions of AutoCAD, MicroStation, Office, etc.  Workflow performance has also been dramatically improved and the new AutoEDMS Web Publisher/aVue solution supports web-based search/view/print.

2007 AutoEDMS Version 6.5 SR3
SR3 brought AutoEDMS upto date with the latest file formats, in addition to a host of improvements. SR3 introduced the the aVue Desktop Edition viewing solution and optional Redline Module.

Industry Affiliations

ACS Software, Inc. through its history has developed extensive industry relations with key hardware, software and service-related companies, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oce, XeroxMicrosoft, Novell, Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Unigraphics Solutions, Solidworks, and Parametric Technologies.


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