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Pervasive.SQL v9

The Latest in Zero Maintenance, High Performance Database Technology for AutoEDMS

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A Powerful Embedded Database Engine for AutoEDMS

With Pervasive.SQL V9, you can run your business-critical AutoEDMS system faster than ever. Improve productivity and maintain your current technology investment while taking advantage of the best Pervasive® has to offer!

  • Some of the features and benefits of Pervasive.SQL V9:
  • Fast access to your data via PSQL's high-performance transactional data access.
  • Turbo Write Accelerator to maximize the efficiency of your disk I/O.
  • Data safety and recovery features guarantee that your critical data is always available.
  • Continuous operations mean you can back up files while they are in use by AutoEDMS.
  • Complete transaction processing and recovery enables the user to easily recover changes made to a data file between the time of the last backup and a system failure.
  • Transaction durability, guaranteeing the integrity of your AutoEDMS databases.

To many people, "database" can be a dirty word, so we've hidden the database within your AutoEDMS system. Once installed, no scheduled database administration is required. Pervasive.SQL scales with your company, from workgroup through the Web - supporting thousands of users. With support for Windows, Linux and NetWare, Pervasive.SQL V9 can move with you if you migrate your server operating system. The workplace can be a hostile environment for networks, so the auto-recovery feature keeps your AutoEDMS system up and running, with documents and data at your fingertips. With 24 x 7 continuous availability, even backups don't take your AutoEDMS system offline, allowing you to concentrate on your  business.

For detailed information on the complete list of the enhancements in Pervasive.SQL V9 - download the
9 Reasons to Buy Pervasive.SQL V9 brochure!

Maintenance-Free Operation

Pervasive.SQL is designed for fast, reliable, zero-maintenance database operation -- ideal for your mission critical AutoEDMS system. The design eliminates many of the routine, time-consuming tasks associated with other SQL database engines, while be much more reliable than Access-based systems. Pervasive.SQL vastly reduces your overall total cost of ownership with innovative features, including:

  • Archival and transaction logging, eliminating typical time-consuming tracking tasks.
  • Dynamic cache operations, instantaneous file allocations, and index balancing, ensuring optimal performance without manual intervention.
  • Pervasive System Analyzer eliminates deployment issues related to component management.
  • Auto-Reconnect technology avoids minor networking issues by seamlessly reconnecting workstations to a server engine in case of a network error.
  • Server/Requester version independence dramatically simplifies your deployment.
  • Cross-platform dynamic parameters eliminate the need to remaster the database environment from platform to platform.

If you have 5 or more AutoEDMS licenses, or you want to support remote AutoEDMS users over your WAN or the web, you should upgrade your system with Pervasive SQL v9.  Call your Authorized Reseller or ACS Software for more information.


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